Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Little Do They Know" (12/2011)...Happy Holidays!

Please click below to view a special Little Do They Know holiday strip, which is also featured on this year's holiday card.  (You may have to enlarge the window to view the whole strip.)

Thank you for all the support & inspiration this year. Cheers & happy holidays to my family & friends!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Little Do They Know" (12/11/11)

I thought I'd try a new technical approach to my Little Do They Know comic for the holidays...this one was digitally painted (very loosely and quickly) in Photoshop.  I figure it might be a quicker way to produce these strips...but it is a slight departure from the previous look.  Hmm....well, I'm just experimenting, so I'm open to any feedback :)

You may have to click on the original image to zoom in further...

Hope the holidays are happy so far :)  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Food-induced-nap-doodles aside, I'm feeling very thankful for so much in my life.  Speaking of...thanks for visiting my blog & for the continued support!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving & a nice start to a happy holiday season :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Drawing Club Sketches (11/10/11)

Below are my sketches from last week's The Drawing Club session.  Steve Jacobsen posed as the Circus Ringmaster.

Thanks for visiting! :)
For more information on The Drawing Club and to see results by other artists, please visit:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Sketches

As I get back into the swing of things, I've been trying out a couple new sketchbooks lately.  I'm actually growing fond of a particular one with toned has a sorta brown-baggy kind of texture, which makes it fun to experiment a bit with watercolors.  Anyway, here are some recent sketches:

Thanks for the support!  I shall leave you with this final thought :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sketches I meant to post a while ago...

I've been really bad at staying on top of this blog, so I'm trying to catch up with this larger post.  Below are compilations of sketches from the past few months and SketchCrawls:

Random people sketches...

The sketches below are from a pocket suffered from a mishap involving water and cough drops, but I thought I'd still post please pardon the red splotches and water stains :P...

These couple sketches (respectively done in pencil/watercolor and water-based oils) took place on a recent trip to Eaton Canyon...

SketchCrawl #31 (April 16, 2011) the Los Angeles Zoo...

SketchCrawl #32 (July 23, 2011) San Diego during Comic-Con weekend...(same stained pocket sketchbook as above)

SketchCrawl #33 (October 15, 2011) Descanso Gardens...

I admit I haven't been sketching as often as I should (booooo) definitely trying to change that.  That said...I do plan on attending Designer Con this Saturday (11/5) in Pasadena, CA to support my amazingly talented friends Squid Kids, Hyperactive MonkeyKwestone & Edgar Antonio, and Paul Wilson.  There will also be live figure drawing sessions hosted by Dr. Sketchy's LA, so I look forward to posting some sketches from this event soon.  Please join if you can!

Thanks for the support!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Monstoberfest" Art Show at Rothick Art Haus (10/8/11)

Hello!  Yes, I'm still alive :P  Just trying to get back on track after a super busy summer!  To start...

Now that October is already here, so is the 2nd annual "Monstoberfest" art show at Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim, CA - which starts this Saturday (10/8) at 7pm.  I'll have a piece in there, alongside other amazing friends & artists.

Below is my little drawing for the show...this is what I imagine a "Gargyle" might look least of the pink & purple variety (you can click to enlarge):

"Pink & Purple Gargyle" (watercolor, gouache, pencil)
Framed original: $150
And here is some more info about the show:

This should be a fun night packed with lots of cool & creepy artwork.  Hope to see you there! Thanks to Irene Mendonis and the folks at Rothick – and to my talented friend & artist Kwestone for the connection.

PS.  I'll be doing a catch-up post soon, so thanks a ton for sticking around :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catching up: Gesture Drawing Class (Weeks 9, 10, 11, and 12)

I meant to post these a while back!  A few months ago, I took Mark McDonnell's gesture drawing class at the Animation Guild in Burbank. This is one of the best classes I've ever taken...highly recommended.

I finally got around to snapping photos of my results from the last few classes (Weeks 9-12).  Please click below to may have to click further to zoom in.

Results from the entire semester can now be viewed here (also labeled "Gesture Drawing Class - Spring 2011" in the sidebar).


On a separate note, if you're planning on heading down to the San Diego Comic-Con this week, please check out Squid Kids and Hyperactive Monkey at Booth #5137.  My friends are exhibiting & selling their wares :)

I'll also be attending and will be sketching characters from Neopets, along with my fellow coworkers at the Nickelodeon Booth (#4113) on Sunday (7/24) from 2-3:30pm.  So feel free to stop by & say hello if you're there!


That's about it for now...I'll try to catch up & post more stuff soon.  Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ice Cream Break

Sorry I've taken an extended ice cream break this summer – and have been bad at posting!  All is good...just been busy with work, play, and new chapters.

I'm aiming to post some old sketches before this blog collects more I'll be back soon.  Thanks for the support!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Piece for "Ladies Night" Art Show (6/18/11)

Hello! Sorry it's been a while!  Before I let more time slip away between posts, here is a piece I did for the "Ladies Night" group art show (opening this Saturday 6/18) held at Arts for Action in Oxnard, CA.

"Lady's Night" (original framed 5" x 7" watercolor, gouache, pencil)
Price:  $125
Here is another image of the piece in its wood frame (sorry for the bad lighting / photo quality):

And below is some basic info for the show:

"Ladies Night" art show
June 18 - July 8 (opening 6pm - 10pm this Saturday 6/18)
535 C. Street
Oxnard, CA 93030

In addition to plenty of works by other artists, there will be also be live painting, vendors, and stop by if you can :)  Thanks to Gloria Centurion for inviting me to participate!

Friday, May 13, 2011

"Little Do They Know" (5/13/11)

It's been a while...but here's the latest Little Do They Know strip!
(You may have to click further on the image to enlarge.)

Let's just say this little girl has learned a thing or two over the years :)

By the way, this is the first LDTK strip drawn entirely digitally...I'm trying to apply some new techniques, all the while keeping the overall aesthetic of the previous strips.  I guess evolution is a good thing :)

To view past strips, you can check out the Little Do They Know archive section located in the sidebar.  Thanks for the continued support!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day :)

So happy I got to see my folks this weekend & spend Mother's Day with my mom.  Here's a little doodle I did for her.  According to the Chinese zodiac...she's a Boar, and I'm a Monkey...which might help to explain the seemingly odd pairing :P (No scanner was around, so sorry for the bad photo quality!)

I try not to forget how much my mom has helped carry me through some thick & thin over the years.  Anyhoo...hope all moms out there had a lovely Mother's Day! Special thanks & love to my mom, of course :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Painting for "For Our Children" Charity Event

"Always in Season" (11" x 14" acrylic on wood panel)
This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the "For Our Children" Food & Wine Festival – a really wonderful charity event benefiting children through TrinityKids Care.  I joined a few of my good friends from Spin Master in donating artwork to the silent auction portion of the event.  Above is my piece titled "Always in Season" – which is basically about abundant love and compassion, and is also a continuation of my piece from 2009's "A Night of Art and Hope" event, also organized by TrinityKids Care.

TrinityKids Care (a program of Providence TrinityCare Hospice and Sandpipers philanthropic programs) provides dedicated hospice care for children and their families. This event was just one of many held by this organization, as they continue to raise funding and awareness for their program & services.

Many thanks & best wishes to the kind folks at TrinityKids Care for letting us be a part of this wonderful cause. For more info on their programs and services, please visit

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Artwork for "Art for Japan" Project at Gallery Nucleus

Gallery Nucleus is currently holding a charity project called "Art for Japan" - in which proceeds go to Give2Asia and Artists Help Japan, benefitting survivors & communities affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  The project includes an online auction (4/20 - 4/24), fundraiser event at the gallery (this Saturday 4/23 from 6pm - 10pm), and buttons for sale (you can even create your own buttons at the fundraiser event).  Please click here for more information.

Below are my pieces that were donated for the online auction portion of the project.  The top piece was drawn specially for this event. The bottom two pieces were originally exhibited in the "Power in Numbers 4" show at Nucleus, and are available again to support this cause. All are framed & signed originals done in watercolor and pencil.

You can bid on the above pieces – as well as pieces by other fellow artists – here on Gallery Nucleus's website.  This online auction ends this Sunday (4/24) at 7pm.  Happy bidding & thanks for your interest and support!  And thanks to Gallery Nucleus & everyone involved for putting this project together in an effort to make a difference.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Piece for "Women on Top" Art Show (4/9/11)

Sorry for the last minute post...but I'll be showing a piece alongside other female artists in the "Women on Top" art show, opening tomorrow (Saturday 4/9) at Cafe on A in Oxnard, CA. Below is my piece and some basic info:

"Break Time" (original framed 5" x 7" watercolor & pencil)
Price:  $125
"Women on Top" art show
Opening Saturday, April 9 (5pm - 10pm)
Cafe on A
438 South A Street
Oxnard, CA 93030

There will also be live body painting, vendors, refreshments, and more.  Should be a fun night!  Thanks to Patty Arellano / Sicks Three for curating & inviting me to participate.  Cheers :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Gesture Drawings! (Weeks 6, 7, and 8)

Been a while since my last post...time flies so fast!  Below are my results from Weeks 6, 7, and 8 of Mark McDonnell's gesture drawing class at the Animation Guild in Burbank.  Mark is encouraging us to push some storytelling in these little gestural vignettes.

Please click below to may have to click further to zoom in.
I'll be posting some info on an upcoming show soon.  Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gesture Drawing Class (Weeks 4 and 5)

Hope everyone is doing well out there!  Below are my results from Weeks 4 and 5 of Mark McDonnell's gesture drawing class at the Animation Guild in Burbank.  Mark has been encouraging us to push our drawings more (using basic principles of design, shape, value, composition, silhouettes, etc.)...and to have more fun overall.

Please click below to may have to click further to zoom in.  Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

One small way to help...

**UPDATE (3/14/11):  I'm very happy to share that both pieces have been sold as of today – and as mentioned below, all proceeds ($150) are being donated to the American Red Cross - Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami disaster relief funds. Many thanks for everyone's support and inquiries – and of course, thank you to the individuals who bought these pieces in an effort to make a difference. Cheers :)
The two pieces below (recently done for the "Characters!" show) have been repriced at $75 each – and 100% of the sales will be donated to the American Red Cross and those affected by the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami:

Price includes shipping where applicable. These are framed 5"x7" originals done in pencil & watercolor.
If interested, please email me at the address below, and I'll respond in the order received.

Thanks for considering...this is just one small way to help out.
You can also donate to the relief efforts here:

Hearts and warm thoughts to everyone affected by this tragic event.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gesture Drawing Class (Weeks 1/2/3)

My friend & fellow artist Kendra Melton highly recommended a gesture drawing class taught by Mark McDonnell at the Animation Guild in that's what I'm taking now :)

Below are my class results from the past 3 weeks.  Sorry for the poor quality on some of the images...I'm drawing on a large pad that won't fit on my scanner, so I'm resorting to taking quick camera shots.
Please click below to view each may have to click further to zoom in.

Loving this class so far & learning a ton :)  I'll try to post results from each week.  Thanks for visiting!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Paintings for "Characters!" Art Show (2/26/11)

I know it's a super last minute post...but if you're in the Los Angeles area this weekend, perhaps you might want to check out the "Characters!" Art Show, opening tomorrow (Saturday 2/26) at Studio 5216. I'll be showing some work, alongside other artists & friends.  Below is basic info:

"Characters!" Art Show
Opening Saturday, February 26 (6pm - 11pm)
Studio 5216
5216 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

This themed group show is basically inspired by favorite childhood characters. Below are my pieces for the show.  Each piece is an original framed 5"x7" drawing done in pencil & watercolor.

"Drawing Inspiration" (Price: $125)
"Bad Outta Bed" (Price: $125)
"Practice Makes Perfect" (Price: $125)
Special thanks to curators Diana Levin and Evan Ames for inviting me to participate.  And to all readers and friends: thanks so much for your support!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Drawing Club sketches (2/17/11)

Sorry I've been lagging on posting the past couple weeks...things continue to be busy, and time is flying by so quickly!

Below are my sketches from the last Drawing Club session...Heather Capps posed for the "Cosplay" theme.

I'll be posting again real soon.  Thanks for visiting!
For more information on The Drawing Club and to see results by other artists, please visit:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

San Francisco sketches (1/29 - 1/30/11)

New year, new beginnings, new chapters...I've been enjoying the practice of creating new memories, all the while cherishing old ones.

San Francisco has always been a favorite spot...yet I had never really taken my own solo trip up there, in which I could take the time to pause, soak in the surroundings, and experience this wonderful city at my own leisure.  So...recently, I decided to do just that :)  The weekend flew by so quickly – but I was able to enjoy quality time with some close friends in the area, cruise around old haunts, see new sights, treat myself to some local delicacies, and find a renewed perspective of this place – and of myself (I actually survived the perils of parallel parking in the city).

I also managed to squeeze in a few quick sketches they are below.  Some color was added at home:

Till next time, San Fran! :)