Thursday, June 16, 2011

Piece for "Ladies Night" Art Show (6/18/11)

Hello! Sorry it's been a while!  Before I let more time slip away between posts, here is a piece I did for the "Ladies Night" group art show (opening this Saturday 6/18) held at Arts for Action in Oxnard, CA.

"Lady's Night" (original framed 5" x 7" watercolor, gouache, pencil)
Price:  $125
Here is another image of the piece in its wood frame (sorry for the bad lighting / photo quality):

And below is some basic info for the show:

"Ladies Night" art show
June 18 - July 8 (opening 6pm - 10pm this Saturday 6/18)
535 C. Street
Oxnard, CA 93030

In addition to plenty of works by other artists, there will be also be live painting, vendors, and stop by if you can :)  Thanks to Gloria Centurion for inviting me to participate!


chengwhich said...

nice!! i wish i had 2 extra arms so I could chill like her. :)

Megan Nicole Dong said...


Anonymous said...

So cute! I think all ladies, even the one with the most hectic schedule (guess who?!), deserve some fun time :)

Yeah! Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself! You are on top of the world :D

Your BIG fan

Viv said...

- Thanks, Davin...haha...yeah, me too! :P

- Megan: Thanks a ton!

- Anonymous: Aww...thank you!

C.Deboda said...

Hey Viv, this looks sweet! I wish I could watercolor.

Viv said...

- Hey Chris! Aww...thanks! I'll bet you can watercolor - on top of all the other amazing artistic talents you have :)

Melissa Kojima said...

Ah, wish I could have gone to it. Love this little lady bug. So cute. Hope it was a fun event.

Viv said...

- Aww thanks so much, Mel! Looking forward to hanging with ya again soon :)