Friday, May 13, 2011

"Little Do They Know" (5/13/11)

It's been a while...but here's the latest Little Do They Know strip!
(You may have to click further on the image to enlarge.)

Let's just say this little girl has learned a thing or two over the years :)

By the way, this is the first LDTK strip drawn entirely digitally...I'm trying to apply some new techniques, all the while keeping the overall aesthetic of the previous strips.  I guess evolution is a good thing :)

To view past strips, you can check out the Little Do They Know archive section located in the sidebar.  Thanks for the continued support!


Kwestone said...

Wow! Didn't even realize that it was done digitally... Till I read your post! Awesome job! Welcome back LDTK! You were missed.:)


Alex Vo said...

I thought it was done traditionally as well! Cute and funny. :)

chengwhich said...

haha, nice! you show him! you show him real good!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a strong message from this little girl! Yep... Woman is like wine! The older, the better... I should add: The older, the wiser...hahaha :D

Your BIG fan

Karin said...

So glad to see Little Do They Know again!!! This is great!!!!!

Melissa Kojima said...

Wow, all digital?! Impressive! I love this comic. So cute, sweet, fun! Glad you're older and wiser. Don't let anyone take your cake away!

Viv said...

Thank you so much, everyone :)

- Kwestone: Thanks for always being such a supportive friend and amazing fellow artist :) ZZ!

- Alex: Thanks a ton! Hope to see you soon :D

– chengwhich: Haha...thanks, Davin :)

- Anonymous: I appreciate all your support! Thank you!

- Karin: Thanks so much! I trust you're continuing to do very well too! :D

- Melissa: Aww thanks, Mel :) Love ya much!

aintshakespeare said...

Awesome comic.

Viv said...

- aintshakespeare: Thanks a ton!