Friday, August 10, 2007

Little Do They Know (8/10/07) and PW Cover

Coming in at the tail end of the week is the latest Little Do They Know strip. Please click to enlarge.

Also, below is my illustration for this week's Pasadena Weekly cover story about Brad Will and other journalists slain while on the job. You can read the article here.

Thanks for checking in.

Song of the Day: "Puncture Repair" – Elbow

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Little Do They Know (8/6/07 and 8/3/07)

Due to a busy workload and a recent glitch in my internet service, I wasn't able to post my Little Do They Know comics for the last 2 weeks :(

So below are a couple to make up for the lost time...

This one is for last week:

And this is for the week before last:

Please click on the images above to enlarge. I intend to get caught up please stay tuned!

Song of the Day: "Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors" – Editors