Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Little Do They Know" (12/11/11)

I thought I'd try a new technical approach to my Little Do They Know comic for the holidays...this one was digitally painted (very loosely and quickly) in Photoshop.  I figure it might be a quicker way to produce these strips...but it is a slight departure from the previous look.  Hmm....well, I'm just experimenting, so I'm open to any feedback :)

You may have to click on the original image to zoom in further...

Hope the holidays are happy so far :)  Thanks for stopping by!


Kwestone said...

First of... Bwahahahahaha! This is easily one of my faves now! Cuz I can totally relate :)! I actually like this new style... Especially on panel 4! Colors are nice and bright. Great movement and fluidity in ur character. If I was to make any observation of personal taste is that the character looks like she's older... Not sure if that was what you were going for but I do prefer the cubbier version. Still it's a great strip!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

- Knock.. knock..!
- Password?
- "Ice cream"....!

Keep up the good work! :P

Your BIG fan

chengwhich said...

..and this is how you get a fever. ;)
I like it! she does feel a bit older in these, but i really enjoy the vibrancy of the colors. oh, it's soo hard to decide which style to go with. hmm, let me get back to you in a few months, mm 'kay? :P

Viv said...

- Kwestone: Thanks sooo much for the great feedback! I always appreciate what you have to say :) Good point about the chubby cute factor...I'll keep that in mind! :)

- Anonymous: Aww...thanks, Mom! ;)

- chengwhich: Hahaha...ok get back to me in a few months :) Thanks so much for your thoughts in the meantime! :