Monday, March 7, 2011

Gesture Drawing Class (Weeks 1/2/3)

My friend & fellow artist Kendra Melton highly recommended a gesture drawing class taught by Mark McDonnell at the Animation Guild in that's what I'm taking now :)

Below are my class results from the past 3 weeks.  Sorry for the poor quality on some of the images...I'm drawing on a large pad that won't fit on my scanner, so I'm resorting to taking quick camera shots.
Please click below to view each may have to click further to zoom in.

Loving this class so far & learning a ton :)  I'll try to post results from each week.  Thanks for visiting!


Jesse Soto said...

First comment! That class had some great results for Kendra and seems like it's already strengthening your drawing. Working with rhythm is giving a lot of vitality to your drawings. Like you're not getting stuck noodling, but continuously working out new things. How long are the poses? Keep up the good studies.

Jez Tuya said...

whhhhaaa???? These are awesome! You guys are so fortunate to have that opportunity to be taught by the best people in the biz! fantastic stuff!

Pablo said...

Hi Vivian. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Wow all of these gestures are great. A lot of life in them all. I hope to make it out there one of these Thurs. I missing out in all the fun.

Kwestone said...

Command, shift download to favorites.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

These are looking good!

Karin said...


Kat said...

hey Vivian! Great hang'n with you and the crew =D Look'n forward to more sketchventures =) Keep up the inspiration! and thank you

Kendra Melton said...

great stuff!! time to take some notes, killin it! :P

Viv said...

Hey everyone! Thanks a ton for your comments & inspiration – you're all amazing & I value your feedback :)

- Jesse: Thank you – yeah, this is a great class. We generally have 1-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute poses. The three hours go by so fast :) See you at the next Crawl, I hope!

– Jez: Yes, we are quite fortunate here :) Thanks for visiting! Keep up your wonderful work too!

– Pablo: Happy to connect! Love your work. Definitely join us at the Drawing Club sometime!

– Kwestone:'re too kind, sir :)

– Megan: Thanks! Your work is fantastic as always, of course :)

– Karin: Aww...thank you! :) Looking forward to hearing about more great things coming your way too!

– Kat: Great hanging out with you too! Your sketches are awesome...very cool to be taking this class with you! Yeah, looking forward to more "sketchventures" and thank you as well :)

– Kendra: You're always killin' it! ;) Thanks for inspiring us :) See you soon!

C.Deboda said...

These are super nice! If this is your first time taking the class, then you already seem like a natural at it.

Viv said...

– C. Deboda: Thanks for visiting & for your sweet comment! I just visited your blog...and WOW. Your work is amazing. Hope you'll come draw with us some time!