Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Drawing Club Sketches (11/10/11)

Below are my sketches from last week's The Drawing Club session.  Steve Jacobsen posed as the Circus Ringmaster.

Thanks for visiting! :)
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Kendra Melton said...

awesome! i especially love the top one in the second column on the left side of the spread haha, i hope that made sense ;P

The Ivanator said...

love it, LOVE it!

chengwhich said...

i agree with Kendra! i also like his crazy eyes on the bottom right of the top spread! :)

ChrisD. said...

I agree with kendrawhich as well. Also, I like the guy in the upper sector quadrant 8 at latitude 45 degrees on the bottom right left of the middle spread. Hope that made sense.

Viv said... guys crack me up! :D
Thanks so much Kendra, Ivan, chengwhich, and ChrisD!
I'm inspired by all of you :)

Melissa Kojima said...

Sooooo goooood, Viv! I love him. Great sketches!

Viv said...

Aww thanks so much, Mel! :D