Sunday, August 23, 2009

"A Night of Art and Hope"

Last week, I joined a few friends from work in donating paintings to "A Night of Art and Hope" – a charity auction benefiting TrinityKids Care. Above is my piece titled Time to Play.

TrinityKids Care (part of Providence TrinityCare Hospice) provides dedicated hospice care for children and their families. This auction was just one of many events held by this organization, as they continue to raise funding and awareness for their program & services.

Many thanks & best wishes to the kind folks at TrinityKids Care for letting us be a part of this wonderful cause. For more info on their program, please visit


peggy.buker said...

Thanks Vivian for your beautiful art. We appreciate your support as we continue to raise funds for TrinityKids Care.

Viv said...

Thank you so much, Peggy! It was wonderful to meet you, and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to participate in such a great cause.
It was a fantastic event.
Cheers & best wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vi,
This is aunt T. How was your R&R trip in NC. It was well deserved and much needed. Can't wait to see more of your LDTK strips. We enjoy it very much. Grandpa, grandpa, uncle Tuan, Misa and Quan said hello.
Take care, don't work too hard. Love

Viv said...

Thank you, Aunt Tuyen!
Please send my love & wishes to Ong Ba, Cau Tuan, Misa & Quan too! :)

Kendra Melton said...

Adorable and for a great cause. It was nice RE-Meeting you :P Hope you had a fun day. That drawing you were finishing up of the hillside was GORGEOUS!!! Loved it!

Viv said...

Thanks for your note, Kendra! It was nice meeting you again too. I checked out your blog & website as well...fantastic & fun work!!!