Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanksdoodles #1, #2, and #3

I've done my share of taking things for granted over the now that the month of Thanksgiving is upon us, I figure I should take some time to list some things I'm thankful for.  I'm going to try and do a quick little "Thanksdoodle" each day for the rest of the month.  Since I missed the first few days of are three to catch up:

#1.  I'll start with something obvious...thanks to my parents!  I can't even begin to describe how much they've done for me...even in my brattiest moments.  They were actually in town recently & I had the pleasure of celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary with them.  Congratulations, Mom & Dad!

#2.  Thanks for health!  I got hit with a nasty cold early last week...each time that happens, I realize the value & importance of good health.

#3.  Here's another obvious one...but always thankful for a roof over my head.  Sometimes it's the little things that are the big things in life, right?  In fact, I feel like raising the roof...for roofs!

 photo VivianNguyen_raisingroof_zps6e705538.gif

Okay...that's it for now...thanks for visiting!


Karin said...

So nice to see you back at sharing your wonderful sketches:)I, right now, am grateful for rolling thunder outside...because then Bayou wants nothing more than to cuddle. And by cuddle I mean smother me to death.

Viv said...

- Karin: Aww thanks so much!!! Really means a've always been such a supportive & encouraging friend...likewise, I enjoy catching up on your writing. Looking forward to catching up with you more in person over the holidays! <3 to you & Bayou

Melissa Kojima said...

Awesome idea, Viv! Love what you have so far! Having a thankful heart is always a way to improve your happiness and joy!

Viv said...

- Melissa: Thanks so much, Mel! You are always so was great seeing you & Shiho tonight! Keep up the wonderful work as well & see you again soon!