Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksdoodle #14

Excited to attend a live Radiolab show in LA tonight :)  I've been a fan of this radio program – which, in a nutshell, explores scientific topics through storytelling & philosophy.  Always up for learning & being thankful for all the wonders, revelations, and discoveries of science – and where it continues to take us :)

 photo VivianNguyen_Thanks_Science_zpsb83e6c6a.gif
(explosion GIF from


Karin said...

Blowing your mind...haha

Melissa Kojima said...

Such an awesome animation! Yes, you blow my mind! So inspiring. You're making me want to get into doing more animation again!

Viv said...

- Karin: ;D
- Melissa: Aww thanks, Mel! You're so good at keeping up with your awesome work & blogging...I have to say I'm inspired by you too! :D