Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksdoodle #17

As mentioned in an earlier post, I've been working on illustrations for a children's book by Ashley Mills Monaghan, titled A Little Goes a Long Way.  I'm happy to say that we're finally in the homestretch – and if things go as planned, we could be releasing the book as early as next month...fingers crossed!

Since I was spending lots of time with the characters in the book this weekend, I thought I'd do a quick sketch of Fin & Sausages (a couple of the main characters) for today's doodle:

And here is a peek of one of the illustrations in the book:

(taken with Instagram)
As much as I may fuss about work sometimes,  I am thankful for this opportunity to work on this project (thanks, Ashley!)'s been a good learning experience so far.  More updates to come :)

** Edit:  I should've added a note of thanks to Kevin Staniec over at Black Hill Press, for connecting me to Ashley in the first place & for continuing to help and support us...sorry for the oversight...thanks, Kevin!


Karin said...

Super excited!!!! Can't wait for you to sign my copy :)

Viv said...

- Karin: Aww thanks so much! I'll want your autographs too ;D Can't wait to catch up soon!