Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksdoodle #28

Hope all my friends & loved ones have enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving today!  Very thankful to be spending this holiday with my parents & family in Arizona this year :)

For the month of Thanksgiving, I started this little daily exercise to focus and remind myself of just some of the people & things for which I feel grateful, happy, and fulfilled.  I appreciate all the encouragement & motivation from friends to keep going each day for this exercise.  To see all Thanksdoodle posts, you can click here.

That said, this will actually be the last "thanksdoodle" to cap off a happy Thanksgiving...but there will still be plenty of doodling & feeling thankful for all I have :)

PS.  Thanks for visiting!


Karin said...

Really enjoyed your daily sketches!

Viv said...

- Karin: Thanks so much for always being so supportive! So great to see you & catch up with you! Keep up the wonderful writing & good luck with everything...we'll be in touch :)