Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pieces for "Street Fighter X Tekken" Fight Club /Launch Party

While I'm admittedly no good at the popular Street Fighter games, my good friend Kwestone kindly invited me to exhibit pieces in the upcoming "Street Fighter X Tekken" Fight Club / Launch Party, alongside him & many other very talented artist friends.

I decided to use the same general approach as my previous interpretation of DC Heroes, depicting little kids idolizing their favorite characters.  Each piece is a framed 9" x 12" watercolor/pencil original.  They'll be up for sale at the event.  Here they are below:

"Spinning Plush Kick!"
The event takes place tomorrow (Thursday, March 1) at the Majestic Halls in downtown Los Angeles from 8pm-12am.  More details on this event & other artist bios can be found here.  Click here to RSVP.

Huge thanks to Eric Phan for organizing the art portion in this event – and of course, to Kwestone for inviting me to participate & for always being incredibly supportive.  Please be sure to check out his amazing pieces for the show on his blog at:


Stu Livingston said...

Wow so awesome! I love how you base their poses on the actual character stills.

Kwestone said...

Your work always blows my mind! Glad you said "Yes"! Woot! And thanks for the plug to my blog!

Vince Vassallo said...

These are really cute Viv! I think the one of Blanka is my fav:) Best of luck with the event...sounds like its gonna be amazing!

Melissa Kojima said...

Ah, you are the sweetes, Viv! I love, love, love your interpretation of these kiddies and street fighter! Absolutely perfect! Good luck at the show tonight!

Leon Gittens said...

very nice, cool designs

Viv said...

- Stu: Thanks a ton! Love your sketches, btw :D

- Kwestone: Aww thanks for having faith in me, knowing that I'm no expert at Street Fighter. Happy to be a part of this - and really, thanks for always being supportive. I love your work!!!

- Vince: Thanks for the nice words & wishes!

- Melissa: Ahh you're always so kind, Mel! See you soon, lovely lady!

- Leon: Thanks! :)

Ivan Mendoza said...

i call dibs on the blanka piece.

chengwhich said...

awesome pieces Viv! love your take on all the characters and how you capture child-like rage soo well! :D

Viv said...

- Ivan: Thanks homie :D

- chengwhich: Thanks, Davin! I mostly channeled my own inner child-like rage :)