Monday, March 5, 2012

The Drawing Club (2/23/12) - Tank Girl

Below are my sketches from the 2/23 session of The Drawing Club.  Tiffany Chin Sim posed for the "Tank Girl" theme.
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Ivan Mendoza said...

Thats just awesome ms. vivian. :)

Tom Soulen said...

Viv these are awesome! Love the stretched proportions!

Melissa Kojima said...

Oh, so awesome! Love your Tank Girl-especially the one sitting on the stairs with the gun.

Kwestone said...

Awesome all day! No other comment from me. Too good.��❤

Kwestone said...
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Vince Vassallo said...

Lots of energy in these poses! Really nice job!

Viv said...

- Ivan: Thanks, Mr. Ivan! :)

- Tom: Hey! Thanks so much! Hope you're doing well!

- Melissa: Thank you, Mel! See you soon!

- Kwestone: Aww thanks :) Your work is awesome all day!

- Vince: Thanks for the nice feedback!