Monday, February 20, 2012

The Drawing Club (2/16/12) - Arabian Nights

Here are some of my sketches from last week's session at The Drawing Club.  John Tucker posed for the Arabian Nights theme:

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Don Hudson said...

Very nice drawings! I like flowing robes and magic lamps.

C.Deboda said...

Awesome as usual, Viv. I really like that square-ish guy at the bottom right up top. (?). Such fun shapes.

Vince Vassallo said...

Lots of energy in theses drawings. Nice job!

Karin said...

Your artwork always blows my mine!

chengwhich said...

please, just stop Viv. jk. :P you cleaned up real good! i'm really drawn to the midduler area of the top page...yes, midduler.

Kwestone said...
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Kwestone said...

Sorry.. I found a misspellings in my's comment...hehehe! Yet again... Awesome! Gold! Downloaded. No other comment needed that everyone else hasn't already said!

Viv said...

- Don: Thanks so much! Haha...who doesn't like flowing robes & magic lamps? :D

- C. Deboda: Thanks, Chris! Glad we finally got to draw together at the last Drawing Club :)

- Vince: Thanks!!!

- Karin: Aww...thanks for always being so supportive & encouraging :) You're awesome!

- chengwhich: Haha...thanks :D Yours turned out well too :)

- Kwestone: Thanks, Chito! Your work always inspires me :D