Monday, August 30, 2010

Toys for OLIVIA™ and Pop On Pals™

If you're shopping for any little folks (or little folks at heart), perhaps you might want to check out the new toys that recently hit shelves for OLIVIA™ and Pop On Pals™!  I had the privilege of being part of the design team for these brands, while working at Spin Master in Los Angeles.

Spin Master's toys for OLIVIA™ are based off of the TV show airing on Nick Jr. – which, of course, is based off of Ian Falconer's award-winning children's books.  You can find these OLIVIA™ plush dolls, figurines, and playsets in the small-doll aisle for girls, at a local Target or Toys "R" Us.

From Spin Master's Magic Ladder™ comes Pop On Pals™ – a new original preschool line that makes mixing & matching accessories fun and easy for a preschooler.  Simply "pop" a Pal into an accessory ring – and the ring slides onto the body!  Wacky combinations abound.  My good friend Linda Hong designed the overall look of the characters and the line.  I was fortunate to be involved in later design & development.  You can find Pop On Pals™ in the preschool aisle at a nearby Target or Toys "R" Us – among other major retailers. Visit for more info!

Please also take a moment to view the wide array of other cool toys at Spin Master's official website:

Thanks & best wishes to my friends at Spin Master for a great working experience & continuing collaborations.


Adriana said...

Oh my gosh, I love Olivia! It is so cool that you were part of the design team for these toys, I'm definitely going to check them out!

Viv said...

Thanks so much, Adriana! Hope you & your family are doing well :)

sunilo said...

Looks like these were neat projects to be involved in. I haven't seen the Olivia series, but the toys look nice :)

Viv said...

Thanks so much, Sunil! :)