Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Peeps

I've been sketching more people lately, thanks to David Colman's class at the Concept Design Academy.  Here are a few recent pages...I tried using a grey marker for some of these...having fun & trying to improve.  Most were done at The Grove in LA.  Thanks for visiting...cheers :)


Dou Hong said...

XD Don't worry Viv, I'll come back soon I swear! ^^

These sketches are real nice, although I wish my own were so organized. They're always really really rough and all over the place. :3

Viv said...

Thanks, Dou! I hope to see you soon!
And your work is always amazing, no matter what you say!!! :P

chengwhich said...

these are really fun sketches! i like the dude taking pictures in his Hawaiian shirt. good meeting you at peck and paw, too!

- davin

Viv said...

Thanks so much, Davin! I checked out your sites too...wow, great stuff! Rad showed your "Trash Day" animatic in our class...and I was so impressed...I just realized that was yours when I visited your blog...AMAZING work! You're a rockstar :) See you around :)