Monday, December 4, 2006

Hello, World.

This is my first blog. Ever. And I'm a bit nervous, to be quite honest.

I have a confession: I once balked at the idea of starting a blog – personally speaking – simply because I felt reluctant to subject my innermost thoughts and creative output to public scrutiny. However, I marveled at those who were able to do so, with such seeming ease and confidence...and, perhaps most importantly, with something to say and something to share. Once an assured little brat with a penchant for shaping her thoughts into words and pictures, I had managed to (for a variety of reasons) regress into a state of hyper self-consciousness with my art throughout the years, dashed with discouraging, all-too-frequent moments of creativity block. But due to some recent circumstances, I've decided cheesy as it may some hefty soul-searching. It was time to relinquish my membership to the chronic pity party. Slowly but surely, I've been trying to reclaim parts of myself...though there is infinite room, of course, to grow and learn. I'm now realizing what a silly perspective to have be too afraid, timid, sad, frustrated, and even angry to express myself...especially for someone who claims to be an aspiring artist. those with whom I've ever displayed a lack of sensibility and a closed mind...sorry for the doubt...and thanks for the encouragement. Here I am now – and I hope you'll bear with me, as I settle into my new pair of shoes. And speaking of shoes...I've beaten my last pair to death.

My intention, therefore, is to have this blog serve as a therapeutic outlet, a swift kick in the pants if you will – perhaps a place to share news/updates, works-in-progress, and really random stuff that would have otherwise been swept under the rug. This could be exciting (at least for me).

Thanks for dropping in...and sorry for the self-indulged rant. I hope you'll come back.

Vivian Nguyen

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S said...

No apologies allowed young lady =P

I think this is a fantastic go girl!! =)

Much love,


Viv said...

Danke, S :)