Thursday, December 21, 2006

Back to the Drawing Board

I need to get back into the habit of regularly attending drawing workshops! This became painfully evident when I went to The Drawing Club workshop a few weeks ago...and found that my drawing-from-observation skills had regressed to the verge of oblivion. OK, so perhaps I was fine with some of my drawings (after some warming up), but it's amazing what a 4-year drought can do.

The Drawing Club is hosted by Mr. Bob Kato – a wonderful & prolific artist whom I also had as an instructor back at Art Center. The atmosphere is very cool, very laid-back. At $20 a session, you have: a great model (usually in a themed costume/setting), various dynamic poses, refreshments, and the presence of other talented individuals looking to hone/improve upon their skills. Thursday night sessions are typically from 7-10pm; there is usually a monthly Sunday session (long pose) from 10am-1pm.

Posted above are some of the sketches I did when I finally got around to attending. John Findlater – who posed as the "Football Fan" – was excellent. I wish I could've done more justice to him, but ah well...hopefully, this is a start of better things to come :)

For more information on The Drawing Club, please visit:

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