Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Wild Things"

Below is a gift for my friends Tracy and Teresa, who recently gave birth to triplets!  Their nursery is themed after "The Cat in the Hat"...so needless to say, this piece features a couple of Dr. Seuss's iconic mischievous characters (plus one)...

"Wild Things" (9" x 12" pencil & watercolor)
Taken with Instagram / Kelvin filter
Congratulations & best wishes, Tracy and Teresa! :D


Wife to one and Mom to two said...

So adorable!

Melissa Kojima said...

Oh that's awesome, Viv! What a wonderful gift. I love Seuss so much, so this is just terrific!

Kendra Melton said...


Nicholas Hong said...

really enjoy your artwork! makes me smile :)

Viv said...

Sorry for the delayed replies, everyone...thank you for such nice comments!

- Wife to one and Mom to two: Thanks, Anna! Hope you're doing well <3

- Melissa: Thanks, Mel! Looking forward to seeing you for Monstoberfest...your piece is awesome!

- Kendra: Aww thanks, girl! <3

- Nicholas: Thanks so much & nice to meet you! :)