Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Painting for "An Evening of Artistry"

Sorry I've been lagging on my posts!  Work & life has been a good way :)  I'm aiming to catch up with some updates soon.  To start...

Below is a painting for "An Evening of Artistry" – a charity event which takes place tomorrow night (5/31), benefitting the Everlasting Smiles Foundation.  This piece, along with many others by different artists (including my good friend Jerome Lu) will be included in the auction portion of the evening, with hopes of raising funds & awareness for this amazing organization.

"Hope in Sight"
(16" x 12" acrylic on canvas)
The Everlasting Smiles Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives & bringing smiles to young people facing life-threatening illnesses.  Many thanks & best wishes to the kind folks at this organization for letting us be a part of this wonderful cause.

For more information about their programs, services, and future events, please visit their website at:


chengwhich said...

aww, cute piece! hope it sells!

Wife to one and Mom to two said...

I just love your work and the titles you give your pieces!

Melissa Kojima said...

Love it. Just perfect. Glad you're doing more work and are donating to a good cause.

Heather Sybil Chavez said...

so cute

Viv said...

- chengwhich: Thanks so much! :D From what I understand, it did find a home :)

- Wife to one and Mom to two: Thanks so much, Anna! Hope you & your family are all doing well!

- Melissa: Thanks so much, Mel! So great seeing you a couple weeks ago...we'll hang again soon! Keep up the fantastic work!

- Heather: Aww thank you :D