Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Drawing Club Sketches (1/26/12) - Steampunk

Below are my sketches from this past week's The Drawing Club session.  Jonathon Cripple posed for the "Steampunk II" theme.

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k.mediani said...

Wow, these are really fantastic! Great characters and so much life in those drawings! Awesome job, Viv!

chengwhich said...

hey now, i think i've seen these somewhere before. :P great stuff! i really like his surprised look on the bottom left one, and that gun-slinger pose on the top right one. :)

Melissa Kojima said...

It's so fun seeing other people's work from the same drawing club night. Just visited chengwich! And yours are awesome too! Love them!

Viv said...

- k. mediani: Aww thanks a ton! Do you go to the Drawing Club too? Lots of fun there!

- chengwhich: Hahaha...yours are really great too, Davin! Thanks for the nice feedback :)

- Melissa: Thanks, Mel! You're always on top of your work! See you soon :)

Don Hudson said...

Neat drawings! Are you using markers?

Viv said...

- Don: Thanks! With the exception of one Sharpie marker sketch, most of these drawings from this session were done in black Prismacolor pencil, graphite pencil, and watercolors. I visited your site too, and you have some really nice ink drawings! Thanks for connecting :)