Saturday, January 15, 2011

More sketches from The Drawing Club (1/13/11)

I recently caught the latest film adaptation of True Grit (highly recommended) – which was timely, because the theme for last week's Drawing Club session was none other than the story's iconic anti-hero "Rooster Cogburn", brilliantly portrayed by model John Tucker. Below are my sketches from the night:

For more information on The Drawing Club and to see results by other artists, please visit:

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Jez Tuya said...

these are great!

Kendra Melton said...

Yeayuh! You need to come more often this year, you're kicking some serious butt.

Ivan Mendoza said...


Viv said...

- Thank you, Jez! Your work is great too!

– Thanks, Kendra! You know I learn so much from you :) See you soon!

– Thanks so much, Ivan! :D

Melissa Kojima said...

Speaking of awesome.....these sketches are! So fun! Always impressed by your work, Viv! Whoo hoo!

Viv said...

Aww...thanks so much, Mel! I'm always impressed by your work too! :) See you soon!