Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Camille Lyon" - Form Exploration (final class project)

Here are some latest "Camille Lyon" drawings, which were shown in my final presentation for David Colman's character design class.

"Camille Lyon" is a basic story concept upon which I've been working this can read more about it – and view original designs (based more on graphic shapes) – in my 7/10 post.  Recently, we were asked to explore a different design interpretation based more on form (some alternate designs can be seen in my 8/14 post).

David gave some great feedback in the last class, so these designs are still work-in-progress.  I'll most likely revert back to the original graphic direction, and see how I can incorporate feedback from this latest form exploration too.  Not sure what I'm doing with the story yet...but it's been fun designing the characters so far :)

By the way, David's class is wonderful...I would highly recommend it.  Please check out the Concept Design Academy for more course info.  Thanks for visiting!


Melissa Kojima said...

OMG! These are sooooo awesome, Viv.

Viv said...

Aww...thanks, Mel! You are very inspiring & talented – I appreciate your kindness & friendship a ton. See ya soon! :D