Sunday, October 25, 2009

At last..."Little Do They Know" (10/25/09)

After a few stressful months at the office, I am finally on vacation...and when you're on vacation, you normally spend time doing things you love to do. On that note, here is a new Little Do They Know strip!

Even vampires don't always have their day :)

Now for some R&R back home in Arizona with Mom & Dad!

Thanks for visiting my blog & for the support. Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

TRULY HILARIOUS!!! Have a nice vacation... hope it doesn't suck.

Viv said...

Haha......thanks so much! :)

john said...

YAY!!! Another cool strip just in time for Halloween. Hope your enjoying your vacation.

The Ivanator said...

Very nice

Viv said...

Thanks, John!
Thanks, Ivan!
Vacation has been wonderful so far. Happy Halloween! :)