Monday, October 15, 2007

Little Do They Know: 6 for 6 weeks!

Hello out there! Yes, it's been a month and a half since the last Little Do They Know strip. No, that wasn't exactly the game plan :P

Lest I bore anyone with minute details, suffice it to say that it's been an intense several weeks between the day job, some freelance work, and life in general. The strips you see below have been lingering in limbo, mostly waiting for color...until now.

6 missed weeks = 6 strips to make up for loss time! So here goes (in the order they were conceived)...

For the week of 9/3/07:

For the week of 9/10/07:

For the week of 9/17/07:

For the week of 9/24/07:

For the week of 10/1/07:

And for the week of 10/8/07:

This week's strip is currently in the stay tuned. Thanks for the support.

Track of the Day: "Summer 78" by Yann Tiersen (from the original film score to Goodbye Lenin!)


Anonymous said...

God! The wait! But you did not disappoint! Can't go wrong with bodily gases but I gotta say "ouch" to Oct.2 and Oct.3. Your strips are as addictive as CRACK...if CRACK was a comic strip about two kids...which I think CRACK is...okay, I'll stop typing....

Viv said...

Haha...thank you :)

Kelvin said...

Glad to see you that you are still continuing with your comics. These are so funny. Keep up the good work.

How's your job? Hope all is well.

Viv said...

Thanks, Kelvin!

The new job is great – just VERY, VERY know how the toy business works ;)

Hope you are doing well too.