Sunday, January 21, 2007

Latest Paintings

Above is a series of paintings entitled Pathos – a commissioned project I finished last week for my friend (thanks for the support, G!) as I'm trying out new things :)

This has been added to my site – along with a recent cover illustration for the Pasadena Weekly (an attempted spoof, as you may see, on "The Colbert Report"). You can view the updated portfolio section here.

More site updates to come...soon!

Song of the Day: "Why Do I Keep Counting?" by The Killers


Kelvin said...

These are great....I really like that style...

chris said...

i just checked all these updates...everything is awesome, in particular the straw that "blows". Nik Daum would proud of such pun work...

Viv said...

Thanks, Kelvin!
Thanks, Chris!
Needless to say, I really admire works from both of you :)

It just occurred to me that I can post comments on my own blog - doh! Sniffing too many paints, I suppose :P

The support is much appreciated...thanks again.

avo said...

Viv, is there anything you can't do!

About the new paintings... Love the style,
love the colors.

Just when I think I'm getting familiar with your stuff you take yet another turn to something whole new and awesome! Yeah "awesome"... I couldn't think of another word to use... any way, your stuff is... awesome!

By the way, I really like "Little Do They Know",
really cute!

Viv said...

Avo, thanks for your kind comments...I'll pay you later ;) Now, you know what I think of your wonderful touché!

Ingy said...

Vivi! These paintings are awesome.... just like Avo said. You're amazing!! Now I'm jealous, I want a Viv original for my own collection ;)

I LOVE your site, your blog is great...

I hope this blog comment is okay since I’ve never posted anything before.

Viv said...

Ingy! Awww, you are too sweet...thanks so much. You are a great friend & a wonderful designer to boot. And you've got me listening to Depeche Mode. Don't forget to put your work out there! :)

Kib said...

Ingrid directed me to your site.
I am blown away.

I still remember your first day at Applause years ago. My first thought of you... 'what a truly sweet soul'.
Now look what you have become, this beautiful woman who's every breath, who's every stoke of the brush gives us all a wonder to cherish.

Thank you Vivian,


Viv said...

Kib, this is so sweet of you!
I can't even express how much your kind words mean to me – thank you (to say the very least). Best wishes and hope to connect with you again soon...HUGS :)